Top 10 Best Above-Ground Pools of 2024

Last Updated on May 18, 2024 by Jeremy Benson

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Best Choice
Intex 14.75' x 86

Intex 14.75' x 86" x 33" Rectangular Frame Above Ground Outdoor

  • Kids and adults will enjoy swimming, splashing, and relaxing in the sun with the rectangular above-ground swimming pool.
  • Built with a durable frame that resists rust to keep the pool sturdy through many summer seasons of fun.
  • Heavy-duty PVC and polyester 3-ply side walls provide a reliable, stable swimming pool to play and relax in.
  • Features a convenient flow control valve for quick and easy draining of the pool water while it's not in use.
  • Simple assembly process of the 177-inch long by 86-inch wide by 33-inch tall pool.
Bestway Power Steel 24' x 12' x 52

Bestway Power Steel 24' x 12' x 52" Rectangular Metal Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool

  • All ages will enjoy swimming in the 24-foot by 12-foot by 52-inch above-ground pool set, 
  • Steel frame construction increases durability and is held together with Seal.
  • Lock System to provide remarkable strength and connection.
  • Tri Tech enhanced 3-ply PVC liner provides a reliable support band for additional stability to the pool wall.
  • Simple assembly and take-down process for off-season storage with no tools required to connect.
Best Value
JLeisure Avenli 10 Foot by 30 Inch Round Steel Frame Above Ground Outdoor

JLeisure Avenli 10 Foot by 30 Inch Round Steel Frame Above Ground Outdoor

  • Outdoor above-ground 10-foot by 30-inch round swimming pool, ideal and affordable addition to backyards.
  • Features easy and fast, tool-free assembly with a triangle-lock frame system for maximum convenience.
  • Built with a heavy-duty lam-tech pool wall for increased durability and longevity to ensure use season after season.
  • Built with a steel I-frame that supports the wall to resist corrosion for a sturdy.
  • Reliable swimming pool structure that can support 1,235 gallons of water.
Intex 26711EH 12 Foot x 30 Inch Prism Frame Round Above Ground Outdoor

Intex 26711EH 12 Foot x 30 Inch Prism Frame Round Above Ground Outdoor

  • Intex 12-foot by 20-inch round prism frame above-ground pool set accommodates up to 6 people.
  • Sturdy metal frame is powder-coated and resistant to rust with tough 3-ply sidewalls that resist punctures.
  • Reinforced with an all-around band to keep the frame legs firmly in place for stability.
  • 120-volt Krystal Clear cartridge filter pump to ensure the pool water remains crystal clear and clean.
  • Simple assembly process is ready for water in 30 minutes with a convenient drain plug that accepts a garden. 
Bestway Steel Pro MAX Above Ground Swimming Pool (12' x 30

Bestway Steel Pro MAX Above Ground Swimming Pool (12' x 30") | Round Outdoor

  • The round pool shape allows for easy installation, enhanced stability and less wasted space.
  • The durable pool frame is constructed with corrosion-resistant steel to ensure stability and longevity.
  • The ClickConnect System of frame connectors makes setting the pool up a breeze, with no additional tools.
  • The DuraPlus liner is an ultra-durable 3-layer material reinforced for strength and puncture-resistance. 
  • The 530 gal filter pump keeps the pool water fresh and looking crystal clear by circulating water out of the pool.
Summer Waves 14' x 36

Summer Waves 14' x 36" Active Frame Stone Slate Print Metal Frame Outdoor Backyard Above Ground Swimming Pool

  • 14-foot diameter metal frame pool with SFX600 SkimmerPlus filter pump.
  • Durable metal frame features a snap-in design for easy setup.
  • Rust-resistant, galvanized steel frame triple-layer polyester mesh and heavy gauge PVC material.
  • Ready for water in as little as 45 minutes.
  • Features a classic and stylish mosaic interior print on the liner.
Intex 26719EH 14ft x 42in Prism Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool with Pump

Intex 26719EH 14ft x 42in Prism Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool with Pump

  • The Intex 14ft x 42in prism frame above ground pool set is engineered for strength. 
  • The sturdy prism frame is powder-coated for rust resistance and has super tough puncture.
  • The pool comes with an Intex model 28637EG1000 GPH filter pump.
  • Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter that is 110-120V to keep your water sparkling and clean.
  • An affordable and easy-to-set-up is ready for water in 45 minutes. 
Funsicle 16ft x 48in Round Oasis Above Ground Pool

Funsicle 16ft x 48in Round Oasis Above Ground Pool

  • Ideal for up to 8 people – Perfect for families, socializing & swimming.
  • SmartConnect poles with convenient snap-in design.
  • Ultra-strong oval metal frame with anti-corrosive matte finish & durable non-phthalates liner.
  • Comes with SFX1500 SkimmerPlus Filter Pump (with GFCI) & type C filter cartridge.
  • SureStep Ladder included for easy pool access.
Bestway Steel Pro MAX 14 Foot x 48 Inch Round Metal Frame Above Ground Outdoor

Bestway Steel Pro MAX 14 Foot x 48 Inch Round Metal Frame Above Ground Outdoor

  • Everyone will enjoy swimming and splashing all summer in this above-ground pool ideal for families.
  • DuraPlus enhanced 3-ply liner provides a support band for additional stability to the pool fencing wall.
  • Outdoor pool is built with a steel frame that is held together with a FrameLink System that provides remarkable strength. 
  • Simple assembly and take-down process of the round pool for off-season storage.
  • Accessories include pool, ladder, pool cover, and a swimming pool cover, and pump.
EVAJOY 16ft x 48in Metal Frame Swimming Pool Set

EVAJOY 16ft x 48in Metal Frame Swimming Pool Set

  • Stable & Secure Frame: 3-layer PVC support bands surround the EVAJOY 16ft x 48in swimming pool.
  • Tailored to resist the rips, punctures, wear, tear and abrasions associated with regular use.
  • This metal frame swimming pool is designed with a 3-layer strengthened PVC liner that prevents it from fading.
  • Keep cool in the summer heat while you enjoy the superior water clarity.
  • The rugged galvanized frame of the EVAJOY above-ground pool is powder-coated on both sides.


Inflatable pools offer a delightful solution for cooling off and having fun during hot summer days, providing an affordable and convenient alternative to traditional swimming pools. In this short guide, we’ll explore the benefits, types, maintenance essentials, and safety considerations of inflatable pools.

Benefits of Inflatable Pools

  1. Affordability: Inflatable pools are cost-effective, making them accessible to families on a budget.
  2. Convenience: Quick and easy to set up, inflatable pools provide instant refreshment and entertainment.
  3. Portability: Lightweight and compact when deflated, inflatable pools are portable and suitable for various outdoor spaces.
  4. Variety: Available in a range of sizes and designs, there’s an inflatable pool to suit every age group and preference.

Types of Inflatable Pools

  1. Kiddie Pools: Small and shallow pools designed for young children, often featuring colorful designs or themed characters.
  2. Family Pools: Larger inflatable pools suitable for multiple occupants, providing ample space for swimming and playing.
  3. Lounge Pools: Incorporating built-in seats or loungers, these pools offer relaxation while partially submerged in water.

Maintenance Essentials

  1. Regular Cleaning: Clean the pool regularly using mild detergent and a soft brush to prevent algae growth and maintain water clarity.
  2. Water Treatment: Use chlorine tablets or pool sanitizers to keep the water clean and free from harmful bacteria, testing the chemical balance regularly.
  3. Covering: Cover the pool when not in use to keep out debris and reduce the frequency of cleanings.
  4. Proper Storage: Deflate and dry the pool before storing it indoors during the off-season to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Safety Considerations

  1. Supervision: Always supervise children when they’re in or around the pool to prevent accidents and drowning incidents.
  2. Secure Anchoring: Anchor the pool securely to the ground to prevent tipping or overturning, especially in windy conditions.
  3. Safety Barriers: Install safety barriers or fencing around the pool area to restrict access and prevent unauthorized entry.


Inflatable pools offer a convenient, affordable, and fun-filled way to beat the heat and enjoy aquatic adventures in your own backyard. By following proper maintenance and safety guidelines, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable swimming experience for you and your loved ones all summer long. Dive into the world of inflatable pools and create cherished memories with family and friends!