Top 10 Best Approach Shoes of 2024

Best Value
La Sportiva Mens TX Guide Approach/Hiking Shoes

La Sportiva Mens TX Guide Approach/Hiking Shoes

  • An innovative approach and hiking shoe for men that is ideal for climbers, guides and any mountain enthusiast looking for a fast and stable shoe.
  • The Ultra-weave mesh fabric upper provides abrasion resistance and adapts to various foot shapes and volumes.
  • The mesh is highly breathable to reduce sweat and heat build up.
  • The running shoe inspired fit is true to size and is best for medium to narrow width feet.
  • A padded, overlap tongue enhances heel hold and keeps your foot secure.
Best Choice
SCARPA Men's Mescalito Approach Shoes for Hiking

SCARPA Men's Mescalito Approach Shoes for Hiking

  • US Size: 10-10.5 Women/9-9.5 Men | Premium Approach to Prime Climbs | SCARPA’s ideal approach shoe for technical treks into remote alpine terrain.
  • Sturdy Suede | Leather upper reinforced with a full rubber rand to ensure long-lasting durability.
  • Mesh Lining | Enhanced breathability keeps your foot comfy all year long.
  • On-Trail Comfort | Well-cushioned midsole and durable footbed offer customized shock absorption for the long haul.
  • Vibram Megagrip | SCARPA’s Dynamis LB sole with Vibram’s Megagrip rubber compound constructed for traction from trailhead to summit.
La Sportiva Men's Ultra Raptor Ii Mid Gtx

La Sportiva Men's Ultra Raptor Ii Mid Gtx

  • Wicking, high-weave AirMesh mesh uppers keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable so you can continue to focus on the trail ahead of you.
  • TPU lacing harness provides a secure, snug and supportive fit.
  • Microfiber mudguards help shed trail debris.
  • Compression-molded EVA midsoles absorb shock and offer ample cushioning.
  • Full-length Endurance Platform EVA rock guards balance the load and shock forces and help protect your feet against sharp rocks.
Best Choice
La Sportiva Mens TX2 EVO Leather Approach/Hiking Shoes

La Sportiva Mens TX2 EVO Leather Approach/Hiking Shoes

  • A lightweight leather approach/hiking shoe for men that provides support and traction, stows easily for travel.
  • The Eco-Nubuck leather upper utilizes an ecological tanning process.
  • The leather increases abrasion resistance, foot protection and stability.
  • Leather looks good both on and off the trail for a casual look and subtle patterning enhances the leather.
  • True to size fit and best for medium width feet.
BLACK DIAMOND Equipment Men's Mission Leather Low Wp Approach Shoes

BLACK DIAMOND Equipment Men's Mission Leather Low Wp Approach Shoes

  • Waterproof + breathable BD.dry lining.
  • Highest grade Nubuck leather upper.
  • BlackLabel-Mountain rubber is high performance sticky rubber.
  • Rubber heel rand and toe cap provide foot protection and abrasion resistance.
  • Climbing forefoot and toecap construction for precision on rock.
Salewa Wildfire 2 GTX Hiking Shoe

Salewa Wildfire 2 GTX Hiking Shoe

  • Recycled breathable mesh, Kevlar Cables Cage, Protective TPU rand, 3F System with Kevlar Cables.
  • GORE-TEX Extended Comfort.
  • EVA Outsole: Pomoca Speed Mtn, POMOCA rubber provides better grip on rock in both dry and wet conditions.
  • Multi Fit Footbed Plus (MFF+) for a customizable fit.
  • A high-performance, adaptable shoe for scrambling and technical approaches.
SCARPA Men's Rapid Hiking and Approach Shoes

SCARPA Men's Rapid Hiking and Approach Shoes

  • 12 Women/11 Men | Mesh and Polyurethane Upper | Breathable, fast-drying, and durable construction keeps your feet cool and comfortable.
  • Sock-Fit Construction | Stretch fabric extends around the sides of the tongue to reduce bulk and enhance fit.
  • Dynamic Protection System Insert | Adds protection from rocks and edging precision while providing enhanced torsional support.
  • Dual-Density EVA Midsole | Delivers comfortable cushioning, while the TPU arch insert adds support.
  • Vibram Outsole | Megagrip rubber compound works with the forefoot edging zone to maximize traction and friction.
La Sportiva Mens TX Canyon Approach/Hiking Shoes

La Sportiva Mens TX Canyon Approach/Hiking Shoes

  • Durable shoe for exploring the earth's gorges and gullies.
  • Perforated Ariaprene upper for eco-friendly weather resistance.
  • Ghillie lacing provides a customized midfoot lock down.
  • Hook-and-loop cuff closure for a quick, secure, anti-debris fit.
  • 8mm drop balances natural movement and fatigue fighting angle.
La Sportiva Mens TX3 Approach/Hiking Shoes

La Sportiva Mens TX3 Approach/Hiking Shoes

  • Vibram Megagrip traverse outsole with enhanced stability area and trail bite heel braking platform.
  • Low-profile lacing harness for a snug and comfortable fit.
  • STB Control System delivers torsional rigidity and support without encumbering underfoot cushion.
  • Wide forefoot fit for excellent all day comfort and stability.
La Sportiva Mens Boulder X Approach/Hiking Shoes

La Sportiva Mens Boulder X Approach/Hiking Shoes

  • A classic approach shoe for men with the comfort and performance for hiking into your climbing spot over rock and trail.
  • Slim fitting and runs slightly SMALL.
  • The Boulder X has medium foot volume for a secure feel over unstable terrain.
  • The all-leather upper material and the sticky rubber toe cap offer durable protection for the rigors and abuse of the mountains.
  • Sticky rubber compounds of Vibrams Idrogrip sole give you confident traction on rock and trail.

In the realm of outdoor exploration, where rugged trails lead to breathtaking vistas and challenging terrain beckons to be conquered, having the right footwear is essential. Approach shoes, often overlooked in favor of hiking boots or climbing shoes, bridge the gap between hiking and climbing, offering a versatile option for adventurers tackling varied landscapes and vertical ascents. With their unique blend of comfort, grip, and technical prowess, approach shoes are the perfect companion for climbers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike, empowering them to master every step of their journey with confidence and ease.

Approach shoes are meticulously engineered to meet the demands of technical approaches, scrambling, and low-grade climbing, providing the traction, support, and agility needed to navigate rocky terrain and vertical obstacles. Unlike traditional hiking boots, which prioritize stability and cushioning, approach shoes offer a more streamlined design and sticky rubber outsoles that excel on both trail and rock.

One of the defining features of approach shoes is their sticky rubber outsole, which provides superior grip and traction on a variety of surfaces, from rocky trails to smooth rock faces. Featuring specialized rubber compounds and aggressive tread patterns, approach shoe outsoles offer confidence-inspiring traction on both wet and dry terrain, allowing adventurers to move with precision and control in any environment.

Comfort is another key consideration when selecting approach shoes, as adventurers may spend long hours on their feet navigating technical terrain. While approach shoes are designed to offer performance and agility, they also prioritize comfort, with features such as cushioned midsoles, padded collars, and breathable uppers to provide support and comfort during extended wear.

Versatility is a hallmark of approach shoes, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of outdoor activities. Whether approaching a climbing crag, scrambling up rocky ridges, or tackling technical trails, approach shoes offer the stability and agility needed to navigate challenging terrain with confidence. Their lightweight and low-profile design also make them suitable for carrying in a backpack for use during multi-pitch climbs or alpine adventures.

When choosing approach shoes, adventurers should consider factors such as fit, durability, and intended use. Different shoes are designed for different types of terrain and activities, so it’s essential to select a pair that suits your specific needs and preferences. Additionally, factors such as shoe size, width, and lacing system can affect the fit and comfort of the shoe, so it’s crucial to try on several pairs and test them on varied terrain before making a decision.

In recent years, approach shoe technology has advanced to meet the needs of modern adventurers, with manufacturers incorporating innovative features and materials to enhance performance and comfort on the trail and rock. From durable construction to specialized lacing systems and protective toe caps, approach shoes continue to evolve to meet the demands of outdoor enthusiasts seeking to master the journey ahead.


Approach shoes are an indispensable piece of gear for adventurers seeking to conquer varied terrain and vertical ascents with confidence and ease. With their combination of grip, support, and versatility, approach shoes empower outdoor enthusiasts to embrace the challenges of the great outdoors and master every step of their journey with determination and grace. So lace up your shoes, hit the trail, and embark on your next adventure with the confidence that comes from wearing the right footwear for the job.