Top 10 Best Climbing Shoes for Kids of 2024

Last Updated on May 7, 2024 by Jeremy Benson

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Best Value
EVOLV Venga Climbing Shoe

EVOLV Venga Climbing Shoe

  • VEGAN FRIENDLY SYNTHETIC - Breathable Polyester Mesh Upper.
  • Provides comfortable adjustment of length and volume of shoe.
  • TRAX SAS RUBBER - Best friction plus maximum durability.
  • Evolv's Variable Thickness Rand (VTR) system puts thinner rand rubber in areas to reduce pressure points.
Best Choice
La Sportiva Kids Stickit Rock Climbing Shoe

La Sportiva Kids Stickit Rock Climbing Shoe

  • Highly adjustable hook and loop closure system for an adjustable fit for fast growing feet.
  • Easy access system so kids can put their own shoes on and take off.
  • Stickit sticky climbing frog theme is great for kids.
  • Upper: Leather.
  • Lining: Unlined.
BLACK DIAMOND Equipment Momentum- Kids' Climbing Shoes

BLACK DIAMOND Equipment Momentum- Kids' Climbing Shoes

  • A great starter climbing shoe for little kids and big kids.
  • The neutral, flat platform for vertical climbing or foot comfort.
  • Large Hook & Loop closure makes getting on and off simple and easy.
  • 4.3mm rubber is built for durability and molded for optimal comfort, consistency and weight.
  • Engineered Knit Technology upper provides exceptional breathability and comfort.
Butora Brava Knit Youth Climbing Shoe

Butora Brava Knit Youth Climbing Shoe

  • The EVA-cushioned midsole lets kids wear the shoe all-day with comfort.
  • Wide open, single flap hook and loop closure design for easy on-and-off.
  • 100% synthetic fibers are vegan-friendly.
  • Knit upper.
  • Butora NEO Rubber outsole.
Mad Rock Mad Monkey 2022 Climbing Shoe

Mad Rock Mad Monkey 2022 Climbing Shoe

  • Upper Material, Syn Flex, Profile: Comfort.
  • Midsole, 1.4mm polyester, Stiffness: Soft/Medium.
  • Asymmetrical Curvature, Moderate.
  • Rubber, Science Friction 3.0, R2 rand rubber.
  • Closure, Hook-and-loop.
Red Chili Pulpo Climbing Shoe - Kid's Blue/Red

Red Chili Pulpo Climbing Shoe - Kid's Blue/Red

  • Upper Material [face fabric] microfiber, [tongue] neoprene.
  • Lining [footbed] hemp.
  • Closure hook-and-loop.
  • Midsole soft.
  • Rubber RX-3 Endurance.
La Sportiva Tarantula Kids Rock Climbing Shoes

La Sportiva Tarantula Kids Rock Climbing Shoes

  • A tried and tested entry level climbing shoe for children, the Tarantula known for its neutral shape.
  • Quick and easy closure system for kids to take their own rock climbing shoes on and off plus it is highly adjustable to adapt to various foot sizes.
  • Minimal asymmetry helps beginner climbers push the grades at a faster pace and feel comfortable for longer climbing sessions.
  • FriXion black rubber compound is ultra-sticky for maximum performance when climbing indoors.
  • Unlined leather upper provides all day comfort. Two rear pull tabs for easy on/off and clipping.
L-RUN Toddler Sock Shoes Kids Barefoot Shoes Outdoor Rock Climbing Shoes

L-RUN Toddler Sock Shoes Kids Barefoot Shoes Outdoor Rock Climbing Shoes

  • Lycra fabric is breathable and stretchy, making the kids water shoes soft and skin-friendly.
  • Convenient slip-on design, quickly adjustable buckle and bungee, easy for kids to put on and take off.
  • The perforated breathable insoles can absorb shock and reduce muscle fatigue in the feet and legs.
  • Our kids aqua shoes have drainage holes in the sole to encourage water to flow out, helping the shoes dry quickly and making your child's feet more comfortable.
  • These durable swim shoes are perfect for playing at the water park, beach, pool side, running, walking, boating, surfing, cycling beach and other indoor and outdoor activities.
SCARPA Kids' Reflex Youth Rock Climbing Shoes

SCARPA Kids' Reflex Youth Rock Climbing Shoes

  • 5-5.5 Women/4-4.5 Men | Climb On | Made to feel as comfortable as a regular shoe, but with enough tech to help them get up the wall.
  • Stretch-Knit Upper | Breathable and washable, the upper is made to handle the rough and tumble life of a kid.
  • Kid-Friendly Fit | Flat, neutral lasting with minimal forward pressure ensures that their feet are comfortable all day long.
  • Durable Design | Sticky and hard-wearing, the Vision rubber on bottom means this shoe will stay climb-ready long enough to become hand-me-downs.
  • Dual-Strap Closure | Offering secure and simple fastening, the two-strap closure system ensures that they don’t lose a shoe in the boulder field.
Red Chili Puzzle Climbing Shoe - Kids', Neon Coral

Red Chili Puzzle Climbing Shoe - Kids', Neon Coral

  • Youth climbing shoes designed for aspiring climbers.
  • Microfiber upper wicks moisture and fights stretching.
  • Hook-and-loop closure locks in your ideal fit every time.
  • RX-1 rubber offers tacky traction on plastic and granite.
  • Moderate Asymmetry helps you lock on to tiny toe holds.

In the realm of outdoor adventure, where every rock face presents an opportunity for exploration and growth, climbing shoes for kids serve as essential gear for budding young climbers. These specialized shoes are not just footwear; they’re tools designed to provide traction, support, and confidence as children navigate vertical terrain, develop their skills, and cultivate a love for the great outdoors. With their unique features and child-friendly designs, climbing shoes for kids empower young adventurers to tackle new challenges and reach new heights with enthusiasm and determination.

Climbing shoes for kids are crafted with the specific needs and preferences of young climbers in mind. From their fit to their features, these shoes are meticulously designed to provide the comfort, performance, and safety required for young climbers to thrive on the rock.

One of the most crucial aspects of climbing shoes for kids is their fit. Designed to accommodate growing feet and the unique biomechanics of children, these shoes offer a snug and secure fit that ensures maximum control and stability on the rock. The snug fit of climbing shoes allows young climbers to feel confident and supported as they navigate technical routes and tackle challenging climbs.

Another essential feature of climbing shoes for kids is their rubber outsole, which is specially formulated to provide grip and traction on a variety of rock surfaces. Featuring sticky rubber compounds and durable tread patterns, climbing shoe outsoles offer the grip and confidence young climbers need to ascend with ease and control. This enhanced traction allows kids to confidently explore new routes and develop their climbing skills with confidence.

Comfort is also a crucial consideration when selecting climbing shoes for kids, as young climbers may spend extended periods on the rock. While climbing shoes are designed to fit snugly for maximum performance, they should still be comfortable enough to wear for extended periods without causing pain or discomfort. Many climbing shoes for kids feature padded linings, breathable materials, and adjustable closures to provide a customized fit and enhance overall comfort.

When choosing climbing shoes for kids, parents should consider factors such as foot size, width, and climbing style. Different shoes are designed for different types of climbing, whether it’s indoor climbing, bouldering, or outdoor sport climbing. Additionally, parents should ensure that climbing shoes fit properly and provide adequate support and protection for their child’s feet.

In recent years, climbing shoe technology has advanced to meet the needs of young climbers, with manufacturers incorporating innovative features and materials to enhance performance and comfort on the rock. From durable construction to child-friendly designs, climbing shoes for kids are continually evolving to support and inspire the next generation of climbers.


Climbing shoes for kids play a vital role in fostering a love for adventure and exploration in young climbers. With their combination of traction, support, and comfort features, climbing shoes empower kids to tackle new challenges, develop their skills, and experience the thrill of reaching new heights on the rock. So lace up your shoes, chalk up your hands, and encourage your young climbers to embrace the adventure and excitement of climbing with confidence and enthusiasm.